312 Area Code: Cities, Map, Time Zone, Location

312 area code is located in the state of Illinois , US, and it covers Chicago , and the time zone is Central time zone.

Here are list of 312 Area Code

Area CodePlace Name
312 area CodeChicago

312 Area Code Time Zone

The 312 area code is located in the Central time zone.

312 Area Code Map

Area Code 312 Map
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Top Cities in Area Code 312

Chicago, IL
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312 Area Code FAQ

Where is the 312 area code located?

The 312 area code is located in Chicago, Illinois, and covers the central part of the city.

What cities or areas are covered by the 312 area code?

The 312 area code primarily covers the central and downtown areas of Chicago.

Is the 312 area code the only area code in Chicago?

No, Chicago has multiple area codes. In addition to 312, other area codes in the Chicago region include 773 and 872.

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