442 Area Code: Cities, Map, Time Zone, Location

442 area code is located in the state of California , US, and it covers Oceanside, and the time zone is Pacific time zone.

Here are list of 442 Area Code

Area CodePlace Name
442 area CodeOceanside

442 Area Code Time Zone

The 442 area code is located in the Pacific time zone.

442 Area Code Map

Area Code 442 Map
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Top Cities in Area Code 442

Oceanside, CA
Escondido, CA
Victorville, CA
Carlsbad, CA
Vista, CA
Hesperia, CA
San Marcos, CA
Indio, CA
Apple Valley, CA
Encinitas, CA
Cathedral City, CA
Palm Desert, CA
Palm Springs, CA
El Centro, CA
Coachella, CA
Calexico, CA
La Quinta, CA
Adelanto, CA
Fallbrook, CA
Ridgecrest, CA
Desert Hot Springs, CA
Twentynine Palms, CA
Brawley, CA
Barstow, CA
Blythe, CA
Yucca Valley, CA
Ramona, CA
Rancho Mirage, CA
Imperial, CA
Phelan, CA
California City, CA
Camp Pendleton South, CA
San Diego Country Estates, CA
Valley Center, CA
Oak Hills, CA
Fort Irwin, CA
Mecca, CA
Spring Valley Lake, CA
Thousand Palms, CA
Calipatria, CA
Garnet, CA
Joshua Tree, CA
Bermuda Dunes, CA
Pi, CA
Desert Palms, CA
Oasis, CA
Holtville, CA
Lucerne Valley, CA
Silver Lakes, CA
Camp Pendleton North, CA

442 Area Code FAQ

Where is the 442 area code located?

The 442 area code is located in Southern California, covering areas in San Diego County and nearby regions.

What cities or regions does the 442 area code cover?

The 442 area code covers various cities and communities in Southern California, including parts of San Diego County.

Why was the 442 area code introduced?

Area codes are introduced or modified to meet the growing demand for telephone numbers in a specific geographic area. The introduction of the 442 area code may have been necessary to provide additional numbering capacity in the region.

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