475 Area Code: Cities, Map, Time Zone, Location

475 area code is located in the state of Connecticut , US, and it covers Bridgeport , and the time zone is Eastern time zone.

Here are list of 475 Area Code

Area CodePlace Name
475 area CodeBridgeport

475 Area Code Time Zone

The 475 area code is located in the Eastern time zone.

475 Area Code Map

Area Code 475 Map
credit: allareacodes 

Top Cities in Area Code 475

Bridgeport, CT
New Haven, CT
Stamford, CT
Waterbury, CT
Norwalk, CT
Danbury, CT
Meriden, CT
West Haven, CT
Stratford, CT
Milford, CT
Shelton, CT
Trumbull, CT
Naugatuck, CT
East Haven, CT
Westport, CT
North Haven, CT
Darien, CT
Ansonia, CT
Wallingford Center, CT
Orange, CT
Greenwich, CT
Derby, CT
Bethel, CT
Riverside, CT
Ridgefield, CT
Cos Cob, CT
Old Greenwich, CT
Branford Center, CT
Cheshire Village, CT
Byram, CT
Heritage Village, CT
Pemberwick, CT
Guilford Center, CT
Glenville, CT
Madison Center, CT
Bethlehem Village, CT
Newtown, CT
Georgetown, CT
Southport, CT
Woodmont, CT
Woodbury Center, CT
Wilton Center, CT
Cannondale, CT

475 Area Code FAQ

Where is Area Code 475 located?

Area Code 475 serves the same geographic area as the 203 area code in the state of Connecticut.

What cities or regions are covered by Area Code 475?

Area codes cover specific geographic regions. Check with local telecommunications providers or use online area code directories to determine the cities or regions served by the 475 area code.

When was Area Code 475 established?

Find out the history and establishment date of the 475 area code. This information provides context for any changes that may have occurred.

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