502 Area Code: Cities, Map, Time Zone, Location

502 area code is located in the state of Kentucky , US, and it covers Louisville ., and the time zone is Eastern time zone.

Here are list of 502 Area Code

Area CodePlace Name
502 area CodeLouisville

502 Area Code Time Zone

The 502 area code is located in the Eastern time zone.

502 Area Code Map

Area Code 502 Map
credit: allareacodes 

Top Cities in Area Code 502

Louisville, KY
Georgetown, KY
Jeffersontown, KY
Frankfort, KY
St. Matthews, KY
Shively, KY
Shelbyville, KY
Bardstown, KY
Shepherdsville, KY
Lyndon, KY
Lawrenceburg, KY
Mount Washington, KY
Fort Knox, KY
Hillview, KY
La Grange, KY
Middletown, KY
Buckner, KY
Douglass Hills, KY
Prospect, KY
Crestwood, KY
Hurstbourne, KY
Carrollton, KY
Graymoor-Devondale, KY
Indian Hills, KY
Eminence, KY
Simpsonville, KY
Brooks, KY
Windy Hills, KY
Anchorage, KY
Pioneer Village, KY
Lebanon Junction, KY
Hurstbourne Acres, KY
Orchard Grass Hills, KY
Elk Creek, KY
Audubon Park, KY
Pewee Valley, KY
St. Regis Park, KY
Worthington Hills, KY
Owenton, KY
Beechwood Village, KY
West Buechel, KY
Barbourmeade, KY
Coldstream, KY
Hebron Estates, KY
Heritage Creek, KY
Northfield, KY
Watterson Park, KY
Rolling Hills, KY
Muldraugh, KY
Woodlawn Park, KY

502 Area Code FAQ

What is an Area Code?

An area code is a three-digit code that is part of a telephone number's numerical address. It helps route calls to a specific geographic area.

Where is the 502 Area Code Located?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, the 502 area code is associated with the state of Kentucky in the United States, covering areas including Louisville.

How Are Area Codes Assigned?

Area codes are assigned by the North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA), which oversees the distribution and assignment of telephone numbers in North America.

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