574 Area Code: Cities, Map, Time Zone, Location

574 area code is located in the state of Indiana , US, and it covers South Bend, and the time zone is Eastern / Central time zone.

Here are list of 574 Area Code

Area CodePlace Name
574 area CodeSouth Bend
Timezone:Eastern / Central

574 Area Code Time Zone

The 574 area code is located in the Eastern / Central time zone.

574 Area Code Map

Area Code 574 Map
credit : allareacodes

Top Cities in Area Code 574

South Bend, IN
Elkhart, IN
Mishawaka, IN
Goshen, IN
Granger, IN
Logansport, IN
Warsaw, IN
Plymouth, IN
Nappanee, IN
Dunlap, IN
Rochester, IN
Notre Dame, IN
Monticello, IN
Winona Lake, IN
Simonton Lake, IN
Bremen, IN
Knox, IN
Middlebury, IN
Syracuse, IN
Winamac, IN
Osceola, IN
Walkerton, IN
Flora, IN
North Liberty, IN
New Carlisle, IN
Bourbon, IN
North Judson, IN
Wakarusa, IN
Argos, IN
Bristol, IN
Milford, IN
Koontz Lake, IN
New Paris, IN
Culver, IN
Galveston, IN
Hudson Lake, IN
Bass Lake, IN
Akron, IN
North Webster, IN
Walton, IN
Pierceton, IN
Mentone, IN
Millersburg, IN
Royal Center, IN
Hamlet, IN
Lakeville, IN
Buffalo, IN
Grissom AFB, IN
Roseland, IN
Kewanna, IN

574 Area Code FAQ

Geographic Location:

The 574 area code is typically associated with northern Indiana, including cities like South Bend, Elkhart, and other surrounding areas.

Time Zone:

It is likely that the 574 area code falls within the Eastern Time Zone, as this is the standard time zone for much of Indiana.


Information on when the 574 area code was established and any changes in its boundaries.

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