915 Area Code: Cities, Map, Time Zone, Location

915 area code is located in the state of Texas , US, and it covers El Paso,, etc., and the time zone is Central / Mountain time zone.

Here are list of 915 Area Code

Area CodePlace Name
915 area CodeEl Paso
Timezone:Central / Mountain

915 Area Code Time Zone

The 915 area code is located in the Central / Mountain time zone.

915 Area Code Map

Area Code 915 Map
credit: allareacodes

Top Cities in Area Code 915

El Paso, TX
Socorro, TX
Horizon City, TX
San Elizario, TX
Fort Bliss, TX
Fabens, TX
Homestead Meadows South, TX
Canutillo, TX
Homestead Meadows North, TX
Anthony, TX
Sparks, TX
Westway, TX
Agua Dulce, TX
Van Horn, TX
Vinton, TX
Fort Hancock, TX
Tornillo, TX
Clint, TX
Morning Glory, TX
Sierra Blanca, TX
Dell City, TX
Prado Verde, TX
Butterfield, TX

915 Area Code FAQ

1. Where is the 915 Area Code located?

The 915 area code is primarily associated with El Paso, Texas, and its surrounding areas. It covers a significant portion of western Texas, including the city of El Paso.

2. What cities or regions are served by the 915 Area Code?

The 915 area code serves a number of cities and communities in western Texas, with El Paso being the largest. Some of the other places served by the 915 area code include Socorro, San Elizario, Fabens, and Horizon City.

3. When was the 915 Area Code created?

The 915 area code was one of the original North American Numbering Plan (NANP) area codes, established in 1947. It has been serving the region for many years.

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