479 Area Code: Cities, Map, Time Zone, Location

479 area code is located in the state of Arkansas , US, and it covers Fort Smith, and the time zone is Central time zone.

Here are list of 479 Area Code

Area CodePlace Name
479 area CodeFort Smith

479 Area Code Time Zone

The 479 area code is located in the Central time zone.

479 Area Code Map

Area Code 479 Map
credit: allareacodes 

Top Cities in Area Code 479

Fort Smith, AR
Fayetteville, AR
Springdale, AR
Rogers, AR
Bentonville, AR
Russellville, AR
Bella Vista, AR
Van Buren, AR
Siloam Springs, AR
Centerton, AR
Clarksville, AR
Greenwood, AR
Lowell, AR
Farmington, AR
Mena, AR
Alma, AR
Pea Ridge, AR
Dardanelle, AR
Barling, AR
Prairie Grove, AR
Booneville, AR
Ozark, AR
Waldron, AR
Paris, AR
Johnson, AR
Gentry, AR
Atkins, AR
Pottsville, AR
Elkins, AR
Little Flock, AR
Charleston, AR
Tontitown, AR
Danville, AR
Bethel Heights, AR
Holiday Island, AR
Huntsville, AR
Gravette, AR
West Fork, AR
Lavaca, AR
Lincoln, AR
Eureka Springs, AR
Prairie Creek, AR
Cave Springs, AR
Decatur, AR
Mulberry, AR
Lamar, AR
Elm Springs, AR
Cedarville, AR
Dover, AR
Greenland, AR

479 Area Code FAQ

Where is Area Code 479 located?

Area Code 479 serves a region in northwest Arkansas, including cities such as Fayetteville, Fort Smith, and Springdale.

What cities or regions are covered by Area Code 479?

The 479 area code covers cities and communities in northwest Arkansas. This includes Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Springdale, Rogers, and other surrounding areas.

When was Area Code 479 established?

Area Code 479 was created in 2002 as an overlay for the existing 501 area code, ensuring a sufficient supply of telephone numbers for the region.

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