902 Area Code: Cities, Map, Time Zone, Location

If you are looking for 902 Area Code? then you are landing at the right place at here. 902 area code is located in the state of Canada and it covers Halifax, NS. 

Here are list of 902 Area Code

Area CodePlace Name
902 area CodeHalifax, NS

902 Area Code Time Zone

The 902 area code is located in the Atlantic time zone.

902 Area Code Map

Area Code 902 Map
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902 Area Code FAQ

1. What geographic area does the 902 area code cover?

The 902 area code covers the entire province of Nova Scotia, Canada.

2. What cities or regions are included in the 902 area code?

The 902 area code includes cities and regions throughout Nova Scotia, including Halifax (the provincial capital), Sydney, Dartmouth, Cape Breton, Truro, and others.

3. When was the 902 area code established?

The 902 area code was one of the original North American Numbering Plan (NANP) area codes introduced in 1947.



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901 Area Code
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